September 16, 2018

What to do about Interviews: Before, during & after

According to Undercover Recruiter, 33 percent of employers know if they’ll hire a job candidate within the first 90 seconds of meeting them. This is a striking – and shockingly short – length of time in which you have to make a favorable impression. However, the impression you make on an employer doesn’t start when you step into the interview, or […]
August 13, 2018

Resume Red Flags and How to Address Them

According to a recent survey, recruiters spend an average of only six seconds looking at resumes before deciding if a candidate is a strong fit. This immensely brief review process means that recruiters are not in the business of forgiving any errors. Instead, you want to make sure that your resume is polished, and that you’ve left out the four […]
July 15, 2018

Every Employer Should Do These Seven Things on an Employee’s First Day

After a time-consuming and expensive hiring process, you want to make sure that your new employee commits to your company for the long term. As in any situation, making a strong first impression is key. In other words, make sure your new hire’s first day on the job is as helpful, welcoming and positive as possible. Here are our top […]
June 12, 2018

Creating a digital portfolio during your job search

Job seekers need methods for standing out from the increasingly-fierce competition. As it turns out, employers are impressed by something that you may already have – a website. A recent from Forbes noted that 56 percent of employers are more impressed by job seekers’ websites than by any other application material. Not all job seekers have websites, and of those, not […]