July 15, 2018

Every Employer Should Do These Seven Things on an Employee’s First Day

After a time-consuming and expensive hiring process, you want to make sure that your new employee commits to your company for the long term. As in any situation, making a strong first impression is key. In other words, make sure your new hire’s first day on the job is as helpful, welcoming and positive as possible. Here are our top […]
June 12, 2018

Creating a digital portfolio during your job search

Job seekers need methods for standing out from the increasingly-fierce competition. As it turns out, employers are impressed by something that you may already have – a website. A recent from Forbes noted that 56 percent of employers are more impressed by job seekers’ websites than by any other application material. Not all job seekers have websites, and of those, not […]
May 11, 2018

Seven ways to optimize your LinkedIn Profile

As of 2018, LinkedIn had an average of 250 million monthly users, and that number is growing: every second, two new users create profiles. What’s more is that we already know that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn, according to Jobscan. These two statistics tell us something. Recruiters certainly use LinkedIn to find candidates, but you must compete with lots of other users to make […]
March 21, 2018

Should I pack my resume with buzzwords?

Buzzwords are popular because, at least for a while, they help job seekers convey a specific message about themselves and their goals. But when they become too popular, they lose their meaning altogether. This is when they become buzzwords, when they are used too often to be relevant. For the past six years, LinkedIn has surveyed which buzzwords were the most […]