How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview

Even if you feel like you aced the job interview, you’re not quite finished with the application process yet. Writing a well-crafted thank-you note can help you make a strong final impression on your potential employer. But what should you say to make a lasting impact?

Here are five tips for writing a standout post-interview thank you.

Send the thank-you email in an appropriate time-frame.

Don’t send the email too early or too late after the interview. That “just right” time-frame is between two and 24 hours after you’ve finished your conversation. Too early, and you’ll seem like you didn’t ponder what was discussed in the interview. Too late, and they’ll think you’ve forgotten the thanks.

Let them know you appreciated the time they took to interview you.

You may have been one of the lucky few chosen for an interview. So, let your interviewers know how much it meant to you that they took the time to speak with you. Thank them for their time before you do anything else. 

Construct a brief overview of why your qualifications make you well-suited for the job.

You don’t want to rehash your resume, but it’s a good idea to reiterate a short tagline about why your qualifications make you a strong fit for the position. Try something like, “I know my 10 years of progressive financial accounting experience would make me a key member of your team.”

Include particulars about what you enjoyed learning in the interview.

Just like in your other application materials, you want to make this employer feel like this is where you want to work most. So, incorporate details about what you appreciated learning about in the interview. For instance, “I was particularly glad to learn about the collaborative atmosphere of your team during our interview.”

Tell them that you’re excited about the role and the next steps in the hiring process.

Conclude your thank-you email with a key indicator that you’re enthusiastic about the position. Your email should convey that the interview made you even more excited about joining the team than you’d been before.

Writing a compelling thank-you note to your interviewers is just one part of the job search process. There are many steps necessary to prove to an employer that you’re right for the job, and they may not always be intuitive. That’s where Career Moves can help. For the last 20 years, founder Paul Wigglesworth has helped over 550 finance and accounting professionals make the right impressions throughout all stages of the hiring process, resulting in a successful career move.