Should Your Current Company be Your Last?

According to Harvard Business Review, most employees who quit their jobs do so either because they feel that they are not as successful as their peers, or because they aren’t in the career position they expected. Judging your career position — how far you’ve come and how much further you can go — isn’t easy. To help, we’ve compiled four ways to judge whether you should count yourself lucky at your company before you commit to the enterprise for the long haul.

1. Your company values you

If you feel like your opinions matter at your company, then you likely want to stick around. One of the most common reasons employees feel dissatisfied at their workplaces is because they don’t feel like they can contribute to the company’s initiatives and culture. If you do feel like you fit into the company culture, you may have found a great long-term option for you.

2. Your company respects your work-life balance

A company that demonstrates understanding for your life outside of work is often a keeper. This benefit is often connected with opportunities for flexible scheduling; for example, a company may avoid asking you to stay late without advance notice. If they’re particularly flexible, they may give you the option to work four 10-hour days, or to work from home on Fridays. Flexibility demonstrates that the company values your time — both in and outside of work.

3. You have opportunities for professional development

If you intend to grow with a company, you’ll inevitably need to acquire new skills to remain competitive for advancement. You can tell if a company wants to invest in you — and in your potential — if they fund these professional development opportunities. Whether they pay for a new certification or offer to cover travel expenses for conferences, company-issued professional development opportunities can help determine whether your company wants you to rise through their ranks.

4. Your leadership is respected by your colleagues

As you gain seniority at a company, you should also receive an added benefit of the respect of colleagues who see you succeed. While you can certainly establish authority at a new company, the respect that comes from developing seniority can earn you an authority that you might not find elsewhere.

These are just a few of the ways you can decide if you’re ready to commit yourself to your company. But if you’re still not sure if you’ve found your ideal workplace, Career Moves can offer you individualized career guidance. We’ve helped hundreds of professionals take stock of their careers, and if it turns out you’re ready to move on from your current workplace, we can help you determine the best new option for you.