What To Do Before, During and After Interviews

A successful interview depends on a lot of factors that can span over weeks and months. It is imperative to tackle each step of the process by dedicating appropriate time to obtaining information, boasting a polished and prepared appearance, and conducting the necessary research.

Before: Research and Prepare.

Interviewers should have basic information on candidates such as the position they’re interviewing for, previous employment, and their qualifications. If possible, obtain a copy of the interviewee’s credentials prior to the interview by using a job recruitment service. For the candidates, jump onto the company website and take a look around! Read about current employees, clients, and company principles to prepare to discuss them during the interview. 

During: Stay Calm, Focused, and Positive.

It’s time to conduct the interview! On the day of the interview, each party should arrive early. Both interviewers and candidates should be professionally dressed and groomed, with a set of questions prepared. Candidates might want to inquire about salary, benefits, the workplace environment, and other personal curiosities that might not be available from the initial job description.

Employers might want to ask about further qualifications, what the potential candidate is looking for in the position, and get to know them as a person and decide if they will serve as an asset to the team. Above all else, interviews are conversations, so do not be afraid to let personalities shine. 

After: Relax and Follow Up.

The hardest part is over. Interviewers should reply with a decision promptly, in a week or less if possible. Follow up with references or background checks before letting the candidate know of any decisions. For the interviewee, It is a sign of respect and proper etiquette to send a follow-up email thanking the interviewer for their time and letting them know you are happy to provide more information if needed. If substantial time passes without an answer, it is acceptable to contact the employer to check in on the hiring status.

Once a decision has been reached, employers should congratulate their new employees and begin the onboarding process! If the decision does not work in that favor, both parties should maintain a respectful decorum and thank each other for investing time into the interview process. Then, it’s time to either continue the job search or celebrate the new arrival. 

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