If you make it to the interviewing stage of the hiring process, you know that a company is seriously interested in you. But, of course, the job isn’t in the bag yet, and the interview can make or break your chances of landing it. Here are 10 interview mistakes to avoid so you can present your best self.

  1. Looking sloppy.

In a LinkedIn survey of more than 550 hiring managers, 46 percent said they’d eliminated candidates who did not dress professionally for the interview.

  1. Bringing a drink.

Coffee, water, soft drink – these make you look like you have somewhere to be. Additionally, you’ll be likely to fiddle with a drink if you bring it in with you.

  1. Exaggerating the truth.

Don’t suggest that your previous work history is more impressive than it really is. Instead, stick to the facts. Remember, employers will check; in that same LinkedIn survey, 52 percent of hiring managers turned down candidates who stretched the truth.

  1. Arriving too late — or too early.  

Lateness makes interviewers think you’re uninterested or unprepared, while arriving too early makes them think you’re desperate.

  1. Knowing little — or nothing — about the company.

Demonstrate your interest by researching the company before your interview. When moments during the interview invite it, throw in information that excites you about the firm.

  1. Forgetting things you’ve written on your resume.

While your interviewers may not grill you, they likely will ask you about certain elements on your resume. Know everything you’ve written on the resume, even if some of the experiences are from a while ago.

  1. Acting like you’re not interested.

Why would any interviewer hire someone who seems less than excited about the position? Acting like you’re too good for the position won’t make them think you’re worth more money; it will only make them think you’re not worth their time.

  1. Failing to prepare for questions you know they’ll ask.

Consider scenarios and ideas for common interview questions. Think about concrete, specific examples of when you were instrumental to a project, when you had a conflict with a colleague, and where you see yourself in five years, just to name a few.

  1. Leaving without asking your interviewers any questions.

Always ask questions. This demonstrates your excitement about the position, your knowledge about the company, and your preparedness for the interview at hand.

  1. Forgetting to follow up.

Send thank you notes (digital or physical) to your interviewers within a few days after your interview.

Interviews can be nerve-wracking because they can seem ambiguous, but you don’t have to stay in the dark about what employers want. At Career Moves, we can help you learn the best ways to emphasize your strengths in an interview. For over 17 years, we’ve helped over 450 candidates demonstrate to employers how effectively they’d perform in their ideal positions.

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