Guide to Networking and Maintaining Your Connections

Maintaining a strong professional network has many benefits, such as learning about current industry trends, developing new business leads, and possibly hearing about new career opportunities.

Here’s how to maintain your relationships with those in your field. 

Join a professional organization.

Whether you want to meet new people in your industry or take a more active role in your field, joining a professional organization can grow your network. It will also allow you to stay abreast of new trends in the industry.

Connect with old colleagues and bosses.

Even if you haven’t talked to your old coworkers or bosses in a while, sending a quick email or making a phone call can restore your connection. Rather than asking for a favor or advice, aim to check in regularly with your own life updates or to ask them about theirs.

Make appointments with contacts.

We all know how busy our professional lives can get. Even if you see your colleagues every day at work, you might not ever have time to really chat or relax socially. If you want to develop your bond, schedule a lunch meeting or get together for coffee. Don’t only talk business, either, as your connections will be much stronger if they have social components, as well.

Keep in touch through social media and email.

Once you make a contact, keep them by connecting regularly. If you meet a new contact at a conference or even have a colleague who has left your firm, use social media to periodically check in. Depending on how close you are with this person, you could either send a more formal update via email, or simply respond to their posts on social media.

Be helpful to your network.

One of the reasons networking is so difficult is because you often have to ask your contacts for favors. But don’t let your network do all the work without reciprocation. Help them with research for a project. Send job leads that fit their qualifications their way. Be as helpful a contact for them as you hope they’ll be for you.

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