Interview Questions Hiring Managers Should Be Asking

When you interview a job candidate, you need to ascertain considerable information about them in a short time. Specifically, you want to discover if a candidate has the skills to be successful in the job, while also determining who best fits your company culture, solves problems efficiently, and is a team player.

Here are seven of the most important interview questions to figure out which candidates have those key competencies.

What about you would make you better suited to this job than other candidates?

This question lets you see what skills and past successes the candidate values most. This way, you can better ascertain if they’re prepared for the responsibilities that the position entails.

What would your last boss say about you? How about your colleagues?

Again, these questions show you what the candidate values most highly in themselves. Further, you can always check these answers with the candidate’s references later on.

What keeps you motivated?

Most jobs in finance and accounting require self-motivated people who enjoy challenges, results, and achievement. If your candidate lists other motivators, you may wonder if they have the passion required for the position.

Describe what you’re most proud of in your working life.

Your ideal candidate should share an example of a project or an award that’s relevant to the position. If they don’t, you should question if they’re well-suited for the job.

Describe one of the most stressful situations you’ve experienced in your working life. How did you handle it?

Jobs in this field require candidates to manage multiple high-stress projects. So, ask them about a time when they dealt with a particularly stressful situation. How were they able to get through the difficulties and achieve success?

Can you break down the most complex financial analysis problem you solved recently?

The best answers here focus on breaking down information into its parts and specifying key issues. Candidates should also demonstrate their analytical and organizational skills in answering this question.

How do you think our company differentiates itself from our competition?

How excited is your candidate about the position? If they’re thrilled about the possibility of working for you, then they’ll have done their research about your company and its position in the market.

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