Preparing Yourself for Job Interview Success

You might think that because your job interview is scheduled for 40 minutes, you’ll have 40 minutes to wow your potential employer.

Think again. CNN tells us that many hiring managers – around 50 percent – know if they’ll hire a candidate within the first five minutes of the interview.

Even if you’re well-liked in those early minutes, too, you still need to prove yourself over the remaining portion of the interview. That means you need to be well-prepared enough to impress the hiring committee from when you first walk through the door until you say goodbye.

Those who wing interviews may be remembered but not for the right reasons. Here, we’ll talk about how to prepare well ahead of time so you’re calm, composed, and – most importantly – hirable in the job you’re seeking.

Research the company

Your goal is to let your interviewers know you want to work at their company above any other. To do this, learn everything you can about the company itself. Use tools like LinkedIn and Google search, the company’s mission statement, and the corporate website to learn all you can. Next, compile a list of questions you have for your interviewers based on what you’ve learned.

Prepare what you’re going to highlight about your background

The job posting is still useful at this stage in the hiring process. Using the job posting, as well as similar postings on job boards, compile a list of job skills, background, and qualifications they’re looking for in their most desirable candidate. Next, write examples – using as many quantifiable, specific examples as possible – to describe how you meet these requirements.

Compile your materials

Don’t wait until the morning of the interview to prepare what you need to bring with you. Choose your outfit the night before – and ask for a second opinion on it. Bring your resume and list of references, along with a pad of paper and a pen to jot questions you come up during the interview.

Get to know your interviewers

You’ll likely be given a list of names of those people who will be part of your interview. Use this information wisely. Certainly, you’ll want to put faces to those names, as well as seeing where they work in the organization. Further, read up on their backgrounds on the Company website or on LinkedIn to learn what you can about their particular interests.

Plan ahead to arrive at the interview early

You want to show up for your interview five or ten minutes early. Sometimes finding the building and room where your interview will take place can be a daunting task. Using MapQuest or Google Maps, determine the driving time needed to arrive at the interview and allow an extra 15 to 20 minutes just to be safe. This preparation beforehand will ensure you’re on time on interview day and give you piece of mind.

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