Questions to ask in a job interview

You’re interviewing for your dream job, and you’ve finished answering the hiring manager’s interview questions. But now comes the last step: The interviewers are asking you if you have any questions for them. You recognize how important it is to ask questions that demonstrate your interest in the company and develop sincere connections with your interviewers.

Asking compelling, thoughtfully-considered questions at the end of a job interview is just as important as carefully answering the hiring manger’s questions. Instead of just asking about the next steps of the hiring process, you want to ask questions that set you apart from similarly-qualified candidates.

Here are some ideas.

Did I answer everything you wanted to know? Can I elaborate on anything I said or give examples?

Asking questions like these lets you say more on topics the interviewers wanted you to describe in their portion of the interview. If there’s anything they didn’t understand about your background, they’ll now be able to seek clarification.

What would the ideal employee for this role look like?

This question will give you more information about your hiring manager’s expectations, which, in turn, allows you to provide the hiring manager with examples of how you have the same qualities as the ideal candidate.

What might an average day in this role look like?

This question helps you to better understand what you will actually be doing on a daily basis.

How do you see this position collaborating with others?

Asking a question about how your role would interact with others shows that you are a team player and enjoy interacting with other employees.

I was reading about your recent acquisition/third quarter/project/etc…; how would my role be part of similar endeavors?

Whenever you can demonstrate that you’ve researched a company beyond the front page of its website, do it. Your questions should demonstrate that you’ve dug into the company’s history and keep up with its current news.

Can you describe your company culture?

Only employees will really understand a company culture. If you ask about it, your interviewers will know that you’ve considered whether or not you’d fit in if they offered you the job.

Tell me a little about your career trajectory and why you like working for the company.

If you can engage the interviewers, they’ll recognize that you’re someone who will want to build relationships at the company. A question like this one shows that you are looking for a company with career advancement opportunities and that you will enjoy working there.

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