While it might seem like there are hundreds – if not thousands – of similar candidates vying for the same competitive accounting or finance job, you know that you can stand out. Now, you just have to ensure that the recruiter knows you’re unique, too. Here, we’ll give you our five top tips for making yourself stand out in a large pool of applicants.

Demonstrate your specialization to recruiters

Make sure you stay up-to-date with new information in your area of expertise by reading financial news. If you’re familiar with new trends, points of view, and attitudes, you’ll be better able to impress hiring managers.

Share links to your online presence in your application materials

To stand out, more and more candidates are building an online portfolio to give to recruiters. This portfolio compiles your past work experience, resume, and social media accounts; with it, recruiters can get a snapshot about you all in one place. Once you’ve compiled this online presence, list it in your resume.

Ensure that your application materials meet all job listing criteria

You don’t want to send the same cover letter and resume to each and every job posting. Instead, make sure your materials fit the posting exactly by mimicking language in the bullets on your resume. Additionally, be sure to list sufficient information about all of the accounting and finance issues you’ve worked on. Hiring managers need to have clear evidence that you possess the skills they need.

Keep your cover letter short

Most hiring managers want to read a short and sweet cover letter. Keep your cover letter to 500 words in three paragraphs – going over this limit will make you stand out, but not in a good way.

Research the organization thoroughly before your interview

One of the best ways to impress recruiters and hiring managers is to research the company and demonstrate your knowledge in your interview. This practice tells recruiters that you understand company culture and are still excited about working there. A way to demonstrate your knowledge of the company is by preparing thoughtful questions prior to your interview.

If you’re not familiar with ways to stand out in your job search, Career Moves LLC can help. With nearly 20 years’ experience with finance and accounting recruiting services and even more years in the business, Paul Wigglesworth knows what companies are looking for in the candidates they hire.

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