Why Job Seekers Should Work with a Recruiting Firm

Companies pay more for recruiters than they would to simply to post to online jobs boards. The reason? Recruiters don’t simply find a suitable candidate for a position; they find the best candidate.

Companies seeking top candidates have long used recruiters, but job seekers can also reap benefits from working with recruiters, too. Here are some of the ways building a relationship with a finance and accounting recruiter can help in your job search.

  1. You can be headhunted when your best-fit position becomes available.

Recruiters are not only seeking active job seekers, those candidates who are unhappy with their current positions or are unemployed. Their worth is often measured by their skills in passive recruiting, or identifying those individuals who may not be seeking a new position but would express interest in certain attractive positions if they arose.

So, if you were on a recruiter’s radar but weren’t necessarily actively seeking a new position, you could still be contacted if a position that was an even better fit for your skills became available.

  1. Most senior and high-paying positions are not advertised; they are hired through recruiters.

While recruiters only are hired to fill 20 to 25 percent of all jobs, most of these jobs are high-paying and senior positions. That’s why you don’t see many Chief Finance Officer positions on Indeed; companies don’t want to waste time slogging through a pile of unqualified applicants.

So, if you’re looking to move up from your current position, get in touch with a recruiter. You’ll be much more likely to learn about these “hidden” job openings.

  1. You’ll find yourself in a smaller pool of qualified applicants.

Top recruiters aren’t hired to find candidates to be interviewed; they’re hired to find the ideal fit for the position. If you use other channels to apply for a job, you might find that you’re interviewed along with a dozen other people. However, if a recruiter suggests you’re a strong fit for an open job, you’re much more likely to find yourself in a smaller interview pool.

  1. Recruiters help you know the company culture.

One of the hidden pitfalls of job interviewing is that it can be difficult to know a company’s culture as an outsider. A recruiter, who often works with the same company to hire many positions, can give you an insider’s point of view on company culture. This way, you can be better prepared to describe yourself as someone who will fit in well with all the company’s employees.

If you’re ready to set yourself apart from the crowd by working with a recruiter, CareerMoves is interested in speaking with you. We’ve worked with more than 90 Connecticut companies, ranging from small startups to Fortune 500s, to place over 500 exceptional professionals. Let us help you demonstrate your worth to your ideal company.